Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Maintainer's World Wednesday

I swore to myself that I was not going to chime in on the "Biggest Loser Finale," Rachel, et. al, but alas I cannot help myself.  For anyone who has read my story(ies), you know that I get a huge hair up my butt about this "controversy."  This is so ridiculous and my rant is ridiculous but I have to say it again.  Disclaimer:  I am not advocating eating disorders here.  But I personally feel that a person who was previously 260lbs can never be too thin.  Hear me out, please: What I mean in short is that she is no longer 260lbs and has lost an extremely significant amount of weight.  This should be the end of the story.  Personally, I have relapsed twice from hearing those words.  Now, I do know that my head had not caught up to the weight loss and I allowed those words to affect me. Got it.  But this young girl has an extremely long journey ahead in order to maintain the loss.  I personally feel that her body is going to settle around 115-120lbs, again, IMHO.  My biggest disappointment is with Jillian Michaels (whom I love and is a maintainer); her reaction (caught on camera) was apalling and what's so funny is that it's the same reaction she probably had when she first saw her at 260lbs.  It's such a conumdrum.  There is no proper etiquette (or handbook) when it comes to weight loss/maintenance and this is  a problem.  How about not saying anything at all and just smile?  Or just say to someone how great they look and stop there!!!  If that person thanks you but doesn't offer any further information, then stop there!!!  If that person thanks you and opens the door to what they are doing, listen, nod and stop there!!!  If you are complimented in return, thank that person and if you want to open a door also then feel obliged but only after they have opened the door and has time or wants to listen, if not, stop there, smile, change the subject, leave the conversation, etc. For some reason this is so hard for 99% of the population.  
Please forgive my ranting but I had to write all this down because it's been on my mind for a while.  I am going through something with my daughter right now.  I might as well put it out there and deal with the fall out later.  She lost 91lbs as a teenager (age 15-17); she actually hit her 10 year mark this January from when she started WW.  So she decides to start going back to meetings last month and she has fluctuated but she is still way below her starting weight.  So her second meeting she has a loss and the leader announces her entire weight loss.  This absolutely sent her into a quandary, so dumbfounded, all she wanted to do was escape and cry (which she did and called me); like someone had uncovered some dirty little secret.  She was just not comfortable with the Leader telling her ENTIRE story.  I was taken aback once again because this has come up before with pictures from middle school up on Facebook and so on and so forth. 
She feels that if people know her story they will treat her differently and she doesn't want to live with the sidebar comments, fat references, etc.  I get it but I want her to own her weight loss.  She is a very smart young lady with an MBA and a great career living in San Francisco, CA and I am sure she will come to some reconciliation with her "other life."
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